• September 10, 2021

The Latest: US lawmakers to unveil legislation to allow marijuana use in states with recreational marijuana law

The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday will vote on a bill to allow states to decide whether to legalize the use of marijuana.The bill, H.R. 1035, has been referred to the Senate.A committee of the House Judiciary Committee will vote next week on the bill.The measure would allow states with a marijuana program to…

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American Conservatives: The Latest Weekly Newsletter Template

The American Conservatives is the latest newsletter template to be updated.It is the first newsletter to include the term “news” in the title, along with the phrase “weekly newsletter.”The newsletter template has also been updated to include a link to the newsletter website.The newsletter is now available in the Google Chrome Web Store.You can view…

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World of Football News (WWN) is now the world’s most-read sports newsletter.

article Five years ago, WWN was the world leader in sports and sport-related news.Today, it’s one of the top ten most-watched sports news services in the world.For sports fans who want the latest and greatest news and analysis, WWG offers a curated, in-depth collection of stories on topics like soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, rugby, rugby…

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How to choose the best newsletter reader app for your Google Apps account

For most users, it’s the Google Apps Gmail app that will take them to their inbox on most devices.But if you’re one of those people who prefers to work from a desktop, there are a few other popular apps that can get you to your inbox on your Android phone.Read moreThe following list highlights some…

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