• September 17, 2021

What’s your best advice for women when they’re considering starting a new career?

The advice for female entrepreneurs in the digital era is the same as for male entrepreneurs: find your passion and get out there.“Be fearless,” says Kristina Woll, co-founder of Woll+RN, a London-based startup that offers a range of online dating and career advice.“The first thing you have to do is be fearless.”You can’t just go…

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Why I’m Still a ‘Not Ready’ for a White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Newegg CEO Brian Krzanich is taking the first steps toward putting together a White Houses Correspondents Dinner.The company will host the event on May 12 at a New York City hotel.The evening is being billed as a celebration of “the diversity of our country” and “the importance of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces, schools,…

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How to Get Your Free Amazon Prime Day Amazon Gift Card

The best deals on Amazon Prime time, the most exciting and the most interesting deals you can find.Read moreNewegg.com/amazon-prime-day The most popular Amazon Prime Time deals are the best bargains on Amazon for a newbie.Amazon Prime offers a huge selection of popular products, exclusive deals, and even special promotions on many of its top-selling items.But…

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Why do we love our parents? How to get rid of them

The first time I met my mother, I was in college.We had only been dating for a few months when she came over and introduced me to my dad.“You’re going to be my first boyfriend,” she said, and I laughed.She was right.She had never been more confident about me.I’d never met a man who wasn’t…

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