• September 18, 2021

How to find your favorite creative newsletters from the past year: How to use Polygon’s newsletter search to discover what you’re looking for

The Polygon newsletter list has always been a great place to start looking for news.But as publishers, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to deliver content, and sometimes, that means looking at the past.We’re all about making our best work, and so it’s not uncommon for us to see articles and newsletters in…

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How to design your own personal newsletter design newsletter design ideas

We’ve all been to the supermarket to try and order something.But you never quite know what the supermarket might be selling next.That’s where we come in.We have some of the best and most useful newsletter design advice you can find online.Whether you’re creating a personal newsletter or you want to get in on the newsletter…

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How to create a business newsletter that sells ideas

An Australian Financial Report has ranked Australia as one of the world’s worst places to run a business.The report, released on Wednesday, ranked Australia in fifth spot for the quality of its economy, with the economy ranking at 12th out of the 189 countries in the index.Advertisement

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Microsoft to create a new newsletter template for its subscribers

Microsoft is looking to create new templates for its subscriber newsletter templates.The company is working on a new template that would allow its subscribers to subscribe to newsletters from within Windows 10.Microsoft is also developing a new email template that allows subscribers to receive newsletters directly from their inboxes, as well as sending emails to…

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Why LinkedIn and its users want you to use its newsletter idea generator

The idea generator feature in LinkedIn’s free email newsletter is a fantastic way to create your own newsletters.But the company’s free tool doesn’t support sending newsletters to people who don’t have an email address or who don.And LinkedIn doesn’t appear to be planning to change that.LinkedIn is looking to add the feature to its free…

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