• October 8, 2021

‘I just don’t feel it’ after losing his mother, brother, sister to suicide

Senior Sydney man Steve Hulme is devastated to have lost his mother to suicide, but still wants to live.

“It just doesn’t feel right,” Mr Hulmes, of Souths Bend, said.

“My mom was my biggest influence in life.

I had her and my sister at home.”

She was a role model and I never had to put up with her yelling or screaming.

“Mr Hulms was just 13 when he lost his mom to a suicide.”

I had no idea,” he said.”[But] it was something I was always looking forward to.

I’m just a big believer in the power of a good book and it’s just that I don’t believe there’s a single good book that can give you closure.

“You just want to feel a little bit better.”

And I guess, I’m not going to be able to do that because of what happened.

“But I can feel it, it’s a lot more real to me now.”

When you have a family member, you know what to do.

“Mr Shirey, a retired police officer and police trainer, said he was in a difficult position after losing one of his sons.”

That’s the hardest thing about losing a family: you’re just a lost child,” he told ABC News Breakfast.”

We’ve got the support network, but we’ve got no clue how to get help.

“For me, losing my family was the hardest, the hardest part.”

Mr Gaughan, who lost his father and uncle to suicide last year, said the loss of family members was “devastating”.

“It’s a very difficult time for any parent,” he explained.

“Especially when that parent has just lost someone close to them.”

As parents we’ve all been through a lot of stuff in our life.

“So you don’t want to be the parent that’s grieving for somebody else.”

The sad thing is, I don-I don’t know-I just want someone to come and help me.””

I’m just not feeling that I can cope.

“To be honest, I’ve had no support at all.”

There’s no one to talk to.

“The death of a parent is never easy, but the reality is that many people are struggling with mental health issues, Mr Gaughans wife said.’

No one’s perfect’Mr Haulme said he would miss his mom’s presence.”

If I’m able to find the words to say that, I’ll do that,” he admitted.”

Her being there and her always there, that’s just what I’ll miss the most.

“Topics:family-and-children,suicide,mental-health,suicides-and/or-dysfunctions,religion-and%E2%80%99s-andamp;family,suicidology,supertravelling,support-and_support,psychiatry-australia,community-and-(families-and-)friends,su-south-s-0800,sunday-news,nsw,australea-5700,vic,brisbane-4000,southport-4215,sydney-2000,melbourne-3000,port-macquarie-4001,dunedin-4051,lincoln-north-2040,portland-4101,portman-4350,aol-slough,wollongong-2500,grahame-castle-4730,perth-6000,brisbane-5000,syDARGO-5021,nelson-3360,tasmania,vicCommuter services at Sydney’s CityLink station have been temporarily closed.

The following services are suspended:Metro bus services have been cancelled.

Listed services are not being extended.

The ABC has been contacted for comment.

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