• September 20, 2021

Why does Hillary Clinton still get a pass?

Today marks the one year anniversary of the 2016 presidential election, and there’s been plenty of chatter in the Democratic Party about how much progress has been made.

Some of that talk has centered around the party’s recent convention and the fact that Hillary Clinton won the nomination, despite not having secured the majority of delegates necessary to win the presidency.

But a look at what the delegate count has been for each candidate since then reveals that Hillary has actually done a lot better than most of her Republican rivals in securing the nomination.

So what does that mean for the future of the Democratic party?

This map shows how many delegates each of the top three Democratic candidates have received from their respective primaries and caucuses since the convention began.

It’s worth noting that the map excludes the results of the Nevada Democratic caucuses, because that state’s results have been sealed.

So even if Clinton had won that state, the Democratic caucus would still have been counted as the delegate allocation, even though it would have been a tie.

The map also does not include the results from the Nevada caucus on February 26, which was a dead heat.

That means that for every state where the Democratic convention ended on February 5, the party still had five more states to go before the convention had to begin.

And that means that even if the Democrats win their convention on April 22, the remaining states that have not yet voted, will still be the ones that have to vote.

The map also doesn’t include any delegates that were awarded in the states that did not award delegates to the Democratic candidates.

So, for example, the winner of the Iowa caucus would have to win every single state that had a caucus.

The Democrats have had the worst convention in party history, which is why this map is important to the future success of the party.

It’s also important to understand how much it will take to change that.

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