• September 15, 2021

How to stop a mass shooting in the United States

Here’s how to stop an act of mass violence in the U.S. or in your own backyard: • Call 911 immediately if you see a person acting erratically.

• Call local police or a national guard commander to help.

If you can’t reach them, call the National Guard and ask if they can help.

They can.

Call the FBI and ask them to help as well.

If the person has a firearm, they can be asked to stay away from it.

• If the individual is armed with a weapon, police will likely take them into custody.

This is a good time to tell the police or other law enforcement that you’re armed and the person may be armed with deadly force.

• Tell the police you’re an armed citizen and that you want to be part of a national response.

This can include telling them you’re the local commander of the National Guardsmen’s Association, a group of armed men who protect you.

If they don’t believe you, they’ll probably just wait until you leave the building.

• Take down the armed person’s weapon and place it in a container or bag.

• Get the local police department involved.

Ask them to get the National National Guard involved and make sure the armed citizen’s weapon is removed and the container or gun is destroyed.

• Keep a watchful eye on the person and report any suspicious activity to the police.

• Let the armed individual know you are a citizen and ask for the National Government to help, including putting them in a cell, a holding cell, or a vehicle and giving them access to medical care.

If possible, make a public announcement of the armed civilian’s intentions to leave the scene.

• Make a copy of the person’s license plate.

If someone is arrested, the plate number will be recorded.

This will help law enforcement quickly find them and prosecute them.

If it’s a domestic crime, police can search the license plate and the owner will likely be arrested.

The person who’s arrested will likely have their license plate number attached to their car.

If your local police force does not have an armed civilian response plan, you should make your own plan.

In your plan, ask yourself what you can do to get this person safely out of the area.

If a person is a danger to others, take him to a secure location.

Put him in a secure vehicle, lock him up in a facility, or place him in an intensive care unit.

Tell him that if he needs help, you’ll come to the hospital or other facility, and then you can take him away.

If he is a threat to himself or others, call 911.

If there’s no other way to get him out of harm’s way, call police or the National guard.

• Do not allow anyone to be armed outside of the confines of the building or area they’re staying in.

Call a local police officer or the local National Guard commander.

• Never allow anyone with a gun to be in a car, on a sidewalk, or on a street in the vicinity of a building, a building that has a guard or a police officer.

If that person is armed, ask them not to drive.

If no one else is around, ask that person to take the car to a location where you can keep an eye on it.

If this person has any other weapons, place them in an armored vehicle or secure container or keep them in your home.

You may be able to place them outside in the open or at a safe distance.

Keep in mind that this is a precautionary measure.

• Give the person at least 24 hours to leave your home and to surrender their weapons, as well as to tell authorities if you can.

Do not let anyone with guns stay in your residence or property for more than 48 hours.

The National Guard has a policy that allows residents to carry guns into a building or an area that is occupied.

This includes areas of a business or other structure that are used as a residence or business.

If anyone is armed and is entering your home or property, immediately leave and call police.

If necessary, call your local National Guardsman or your local sheriff to tell them where you’re staying.

• The armed civilian may have an AR-15 or other military-style rifle and/or shotgun, as long as they’re unloaded and don’t have a bayonet attached.

You should take all necessary steps to make sure that your armed citizen is not carrying a weapon.

If so, ask the person to come inside, remove their weapons and return them.

• After the armed civilians leave, you can check to make certain they are not armed with firearms.

Ask the armed civilian to leave their weapons behind.

If their weapons are unloaded, you will need to call your National Guard Commander and tell him to give you the information he needs to determine if the person is an armed civil or military.

You will also need to notify the National Firearms Association (NFA

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