• September 13, 2021

How I ended up being a tech writer for a year by accident

By Sami El-BashirThe Free Press | December 11, 2018 09:24:07The last time I wrote a blog post was the summer of 2017, and I’m no longer a writer.

It was a year ago today that I began a yearlong, unpaid internship with a technology company.

After the internship, I decided to take a different path, starting an unpaid internship at a major tech company, which would pay me less than $10 an hour.

I was in a precarious situation.

I had been offered a job as an intern, but I was on the verge of leaving the company when I learned that my salary would be less than a year’s worth of my wages.

I ended the internship immediately.

I decided that I would do the internship as an experiment.

I spent the next year learning about the technology industry and the company I would be working for.

When I decided I would take the unpaid internship, it was a gut-wrenching decision, but one I felt like I had to make.

I wasn’t sure how I would survive.

After a year, I quit my internship at the company, went back to school, and started freelancing full-time.

I went from freelancing to freelancing, and from working as an unpaid intern to being a full-fledged freelancer.

In the process, I met some amazing people.

I became a better writer, a better friend, and a better person.

I started writing my first article on the web.

The year of freelancing is over, and now I’m working on a new book about the journey I took to write this story.

I had a long road to the book, and it took me a lot of work.

I’m not sure how long I’ll have to work on the book and how much it’ll cost me, but it’s important to me that I finish it and get it published.

I have a passion for writing, and this is the first step to making that passion my life’s work.

So, to all the freelancers out there: I want you to know that I want to tell the story of your lives.

I want people to learn from you.

I know how hard it can be to have your story told and to tell it well, but if you’ve been through a rough time and you’ve done the right things, I’m here to listen.

If you want to keep going, I have an amazing team of writers who will help.

So I’ll tell you the truth.

I love you.

I’m still a freelancer, and there’s still a lot I want readers to know about.

In addition to the story, I’ll include a bunch of articles I’ve written about my experience in the tech industry, as well as some interviews I did with tech luminaries.

But in general, I want the book to tell a story of a person’s journey from being an intern to a full time freelancer in the technology field.

If you’re not interested in the book yet, you can sign up to get the free newsletter here .

And I encourage you to read all of the interviews I’ve done with my former employers, the most notable of which is with Apple, which is where I started my internship.

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