• August 19, 2021

Microsoft hires a new executive editor for its employee newsletter template

Microsoft is hiring a new corporate news editor for the employee newsletter for its new workforce.

The company has been searching for a news editor who will be part of a team that will be based in Redmond, Wash., to help guide its digital initiatives.

The news editor will have a variety of experience covering technology, business and healthcare issues.

In addition, she will also be responsible for creating the newsletter’s digital content, which will include the company’s corporate branding and content.

The new news editor, who is based in Boston, will be the first person in Microsoft’s corporate newsroom to begin her work.

The announcement came in a video message posted to Microsoft’s website on Thursday.

“I am delighted to be joining Microsoft, the world’s largest company, as our new Corporate News Editor, as I’m proud to serve as part of our team to bring you the best corporate content in the world,” wrote Jody Smith, the company senior vice president for corporate communications, in the video message.

“Our team is made up of some of the world-class journalists and editors who have worked at Microsoft and in other media for decades, including the company-leading team of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and editor-at-large Phil Bumpers, who has covered Microsoft since 2011,” he added.

“Jody will help us bring the best content to our customers and the world at large,” Smith continued.

“As a seasoned technology journalist and editor, she’ll be helping to ensure the most accurate and up-to-date news, technology, and business information on Microsoft and its businesses is available to our loyal customers.”

The company said it hired Smith in July.

She joined the company in July 2015 as a reporter and editor.

Smith has been with Microsoft since 2002.

She previously worked at Forbes magazine, where she covered business, tech and financial news.

She will report to Jody.

Microsoft has hired over 10,000 employees since becoming part of the Microsoft family in 2014, and is looking to grow its workforce even further.

Microsoft said that it had hired 12,000 people in 2015 and expects to hire another 12,800 people this year.

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