• August 10, 2021

Why you should care about a new poll on the Trump tax plan

You may have heard about a recent poll showing that one-third of Americans think that President Donald Trump’s tax plan will boost their taxes.

Now a new one says they’re wrong.

The New York Times reports that the poll, commissioned by the Tax Policy Center, found that 35% of Americans would pay more under the plan, compared with 22% who would not.

The Tax Policy Institute has a list of some of the biggest tax cuts that would be on the table, including one that would eliminate the estate tax and several other taxes.

That would boost the wealthy, the study says.

But it also suggests that there’s a chance that tax increases could hurt people in the middle class, who have already seen significant tax increases.

The Times has an article about the poll.

The numbers in the poll aren’t surprising.

The new Tax Policy Report is a nonpartisan analysis of tax policy, with no outside influences, according to its website.

It’s also one of a handful of reports on tax policy produced by nonpartisan organizations.

But the new poll has drawn some criticism, including from a Republican lawmaker, who called it a “very partisan poll.”

The Times notes that the Tax Center, which has a nonpartisan track record, is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which pushes state and local lawmakers to enact their own version of their state and federal tax codes.

That group was involved in crafting a bill that Republicans passed in 2017 that slashed taxes for many people and corporations.

But that bill was eventually vetoed by President Donald J. Trump, who cited the poll as a reason for his veto.

The poll comes as Trump is expected to announce his tax plan on Tuesday.

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