• August 4, 2021

What’s next for the Jewish community in Israel?

The Israeli government has issued orders for all families to adopt the children of Jews killed in the conflict with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in accordance with a law signed last year that has been in effect since 2015.

In response to the adoption process, thousands of families in the country adopted by Jewish families and communities have already received letters from the government’s department of consular affairs stating that the adoption will be valid for as long as the children live in the family.

The law was introduced in late July to provide a legal framework for Jewish families to accept the children and provide for them to stay in Israel after their parents have died.

It allows for a period of time to be extended, but the children are not obliged to stay with the Jewish parents.

“It is not just a matter of the government saying, ‘Look, we want you to adopt,'” said Elazar Dror, a former member of the Knesset’s Knessets Committee on Social Affairs and Culture.

“It’s a question of the Jewish people deciding that they are Jewish and we are to be part of their community, and they should be part with us.”

The legislation was passed with overwhelming support among the Knesseset, which includes the government and the Kach parties.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in December that a decision was being made on the adoption of the children.

However, the government has yet to announce the final number of families it intends to accept, and it is unclear how many of those families will be Jewish or how many will be secular, or what their religious affiliation will be.

A number of religious groups have voiced their objections to the law, arguing that it violates the religious separation of the country.

Some religious groups, including Jewish communities, have opposed the adoption because of the legal process required to get Jewish children adopted.

“This is a way to prevent the Jews from living in the Middle East.

It is a violation of our rights to return to our homes, our land and our culture,” said Rabbi Dror.”

They have no right to say that their children should not live in their country,” he said.”

I don’t think they want to be Jewish.

I think that they want the country they call Israel to be what it is.

I don’t know why they want us to be so close to their country.

I know that the government is trying to create a Jewish state here.”

A spokesman for the Kama Sourik Jewish community, who were among those who voiced opposition to the new law, said the government “took its decision without any deliberation.

We believe in the right of every citizen to make their own decisions on who to marry, to have children, and to be with whom.

We are deeply troubled by this decision.””

We do not support any policy that violates our rights,” he added.

“We are concerned that it is being taken away from us, our communities, our Jewish neighbors and our future generations.”

The State Department has announced that it will continue to work with the Israeli government to help Jewish communities adopt their own children, while the Jewish Agency has also announced plans to work on adopting Jewish children in the coming weeks.

The move comes as Israel grapples with the increasing number of Palestinians killed and injured in the fighting.

The Jewish Agency in Israel has announced it is offering $15,000 to Jewish communities across the country to help them accept the families of Palestinians who have been killed in clashes.

It also said that it has opened a hotline for families to request help accepting their children.

The agency said it has received more than 400 calls and emails from Jewish communities seeking assistance in adopting Jewish sons and daughters of Palestinians.

The organization is also offering to cover any legal costs related to the legal requirements.

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