• July 28, 2021

World of Football News (WWN) is now the world’s most-read sports newsletter.

article Five years ago, WWN was the world leader in sports and sport-related news.

Today, it’s one of the top ten most-watched sports news services in the world.

For sports fans who want the latest and greatest news and analysis, WWG offers a curated, in-depth collection of stories on topics like soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, rugby, rugby union, and a variety of other sports.

Its subscribers have access to top sports news and the latest headlines and events, including live scores and scores by countries, time zones, and more.

With over 40,000 articles published annually, the WWN team of writers and reporters is one of Canada’s most trusted sources for sports content.

In 2018, WWNN reached its 100th article published and has a growing subscriber base.

Award-winning journalist and sportswriter David Tait, who began his career as a writer at Sportsnet and Sportsnet North, now serves as the lead sports editor at WWN.

He has also written for ESPN, CBC, Sportsnet, TSN, SportsNet, and CBC News Network.

His latest book, The Ultimate Guide to Sport (Taschen, 2018), is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

He is a frequent contributor to Canadian and international publications, including the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the CBC, CBC News, the Toronto Star, and The Globe and Mail.

He lives in Toronto.

WWN is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation Canada.

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