• July 21, 2021

How to win a Republican primary for governor in Texas

If you want to make history and win a seat in Texas, you have to get into the Republican primary.

And that means having a good showing in the early states.

This is especially true if you want a spot in the 2018 GOP primary in which Republicans will choose their nominee for governor.

For example, Texas has five statewide offices that can elect governors and lieutenant governors.

Each of those offices can choose between the top two vote-getters in the primary.

That’s what happened last November, when Lt.


David Dewhurst was elected governor of Texas.

That gave Dewhurst a good shot at making history in the general election.

The next time a Republican has to make that choice, Dewhurst may be the best choice.

But that won’t be easy.

He is a popular governor and a strong conservative.

The state’s Democratic party has not endorsed Dewhurst.

There is a significant anti-Dewhurst wing of the Democratic Party in Texas.

It is a conservative group that supports limited government and strong leadership in state government.

Dewhurst has been endorsed by the state Democratic Party as well as by the American Conservative Union.

The group’s president, David W. McKay, has long been critical of Dewhurst’s efforts to get a marijuana legalization initiative on the ballot, despite opposition from Republicans in the state legislature.

That would have been a tough sell for a lot of Republicans, especially the ones who supported the legalization of marijuana in the first place.

But the anti-Wodenshirks is not just confined to the Republican party.

There are also big conservative groups that are backing Dewhurst, including the American Action Network, a group that has endorsed former presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2012.

The American Action network has spent more than $500,000 in the last two months to help Dewhurst win his campaign.

That includes about $1.5 million in advertising that aired in early primary states, and more than two-thirds of the $2.5 in advertising has come from the group’s Dallas headquarters.

This election is a referendum on the Republican Party and Dewhurst as a candidate.

If you are a Texan who wants to become a Republican, and you want someone who will do what’s best for Texas, this is a great place to start.

The party has a lot riding on this race.

Dewhurst’s victory would give him a clear majority in the House, which would be a major accomplishment in Texas politics.

But if Dewhurst doesn’t do well in his bid for reelection, it would open the door for a Republican who would face Democratic challenger Ted Cruz in a rematch.

There would also be plenty of pressure on Dewhurst to get the job done.

Dewhorn will face a tough re-election fight this fall in a state that is not yet competitive, and he would be on the hook for tens of millions of dollars in campaign and advertising costs.

If Dewhurst does not win re-nomination, the GOP would have to come up with a candidate for his Senate seat.

That will be a lot more difficult.

If the Republican race were to go to the House of Representatives, it could end up in a special election.

That seat would be competitive, but Republicans have an advantage over Democrats.

In 2016, the Democrats took nearly 30 percent of the vote in the Senate race, while the Republicans had an average of just 8.5 percent of that vote.

The 2018 GOP contest would be more competitive than ever, and the party would have a lot at stake.

That means Republicans are going to have to have a solid showing in early states to beat the odds and win the Senate seat for Dewhurst in 2018.

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