• July 17, 2021

When the elevator doesn’t go up: A Palestinian woman, a Palestinian father, and the elevator shafts

A Palestinian mother of six says her husband is a taxi driver in the West Bank and the family has lived in Gaza for 30 years.

But in October, the family received a phone call from their employer informing them their job was no longer required.

The family has not received a salary for a month and now is looking for work.

The family, who live in a refugee camp in Gaza, was not granted permission to stay in Gaza and is in need of urgent help to pay rent and utilities.

They have not been able to obtain a bank loan because of restrictions on their access to the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

They are now seeking a loan to help cover their basic needs, which include food, clothing, medicine and rent.

Their situation has made it difficult for them to get work, which has made their marriage and the birth of their second child impossible.

They say they are trying to support their family, but it is hard to do so as the electricity and water supply in Gaza is still under blockade.

Abbas Abed Rabah, 34, is a cab driver in Gaza.

He and his wife, Zara, 31, were not granted permits to remain in Gaza due to the blockade.

They said they have been unable to get their jobs for months.

In the past few weeks, they have had to turn to the only means of life, selling their car for the price of a loaf of bread.

They said the electricity was cut for five months, leaving them without any heating or cooking fuel, and there is no running water.

They and their two young children were not able to pay their electricity bills, which were set to rise by up to 70 percent.

Abdul Hamad, 39, who lives in the same camp, said the family was able to make a few payments and to pay for basic items like food and clothing, but they are struggling to cover the bills for their two children and rent and utility bills.

They did not know whether they could pay their electric bill because it was being frozen, and they were not given any money to buy gas.

The situation is desperate, said Hamad.

He said the families’ situation is “the worst” and “there are no jobs left”.

He said they are now looking for help to help pay the bills.

According to Gaza-based advocacy group al-Quds Center for Human Rights, more than 1.5 million Gazans, or around 6.5 percent of the population, are under “economic blockade”.

Many are unable to access basic services, such as electricity, and cannot even access the basics like heating and cooking fuel.

The group says there are currently about 700,000 Gazans who have not received official permits to return to Gaza, and a further 350,000 who have been ordered to leave the area.

The group said that in the past two months, more people have been forced to return and the number of people who have fled has doubled.

Since the closure, many Palestinians have had no choice but to seek work in order to support themselves.

But some have been left without a job at all, and have resorted to begging to make ends meet.

The al-Masry al-Youm television station recently reported that one family had been working as a taxi cab driver for two years.

“We did not want to give up, but we couldn’t,” the woman told the station.

“This situation is the worst.

The blockade has affected us and the children,” she added.

According with a report by al-Wafa, an independent Palestinian news website, more children are affected by the blockade than adults because they cannot go to school.

It said that many families in the Gaza Strip are unable or unwilling to send their children to school because they are not allowed to leave their homes without a permit from the authorities.

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