• July 14, 2021

How to use the RSS icon to quickly read newsletters

You’ve probably heard of the RSS logo.

If you’ve ever clicked on an article, you know how it looks like a small square with a red circle in the middle.

But how does that icon relate to the content you read?

You can use it to quickly jump right to the relevant section of an article without actually having to open up the article in question.

Here are a few tips for getting started.


Select a section.

If your article is a news article, try to select the most relevant section.


Choose a color.

If the article contains images, you can use the red circle to highlight the content.


Use the “next” button to go back to the previous section.


Select an icon.

You can always use the icon to jump directly to the section you want to go to, or you can select a specific section and drag the icon there.

If it’s not possible to find the section on the page, you’ll be able to hover over the section icon and use the “find” feature to search for it.

The icon has a size of 15px by 15px and is available in a variety of sizes.

For example, you could click the “start” button at the bottom of the page to bring up the next section.


Check out the icon’s size.

This will help you choose the right icon size for your article.

For the most part, the size you choose will affect the size of the icon itself.

In most cases, it will be the same as the size that you see on the sidebar.

If there’s a difference in size, you should check the section’s page size and adjust accordingly.


Click the “save” button.

If this is your first time using the RSS icons, you may be wondering how you can save them.

You’ll need to enable the RSS Reader plugin in your browser.


Click “save as…” and select the desired file.

You will be asked to enter the details of your RSS Reader download, including the file you want the icon from.

If that file doesn’t exist, you will be prompted to create it.

Once you have the file, you need to drag the RSS reader icon to the folder where you want it to be.

For our example, let’s say we’re on our new iPad.

The next section we want to load will be called “iPad.”

If you’re using the “preview” icon, you might want to use that instead of the “Save as…” option.


Open up the file.

Drag the icon down and then click the little “X” next to it.

You should see the file appear in the sidebar and open automatically.

Once it’s opened, you won’t need to open the file again.

When you open the app again, you see the new file.


If all goes well, you’re now able to read the contents of your new RSS reader, even if you haven’t installed it yet.

If not, you have to install the RSSReader plugin first.

If installed correctly, the RSSreader plugin will download the RSS files and open them in your new app.


You’ve got the RSS file, ready to use.

You’re now ready to start reading!

You can save it to your library or to a Dropbox folder and then use it whenever you want.

Or, you just need to bookmark it.

For a detailed tutorial on how to use RSS Reader, check out the official RSS Reader page.

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