• July 2, 2021

When is a New Jersey School Sex Offender Coming to School?

The New Jersey Department of Education has issued a public safety alert after a male student reported he was sexually assaulted by two female students.

The student told police he was in the third grade at the school on Wednesday, Sept. 16 when two female classmates approached him.

The female students, who were wearing shorts and sandals, told him to strip down to his underwear and engage in sex acts with them, police said.

He then pulled off his pants and pants, exposing his genitals, and said the female students pulled his hair and put it in their mouths, police wrote in the alert.

One student, a female high school senior, said she was the one who grabbed his genitals.

The girl, who was 16 years old, said the male student asked her to strip off while he watched, and when she refused, the two girls started punching and kicking her.

The male student said he got away from the two female attackers, but when he was walking home from school, he saw one of the girls trying to pull off his shirt and pants and his underwear.

He said he ran, and the other girl chased him.

He was in a school parking lot when he heard about the assault, he said.

The two female schoolmates were taken to the principal’s office and a counselor was called.

The school district is now investigating and has forwarded the matter to the New Jersey State Police for possible criminal charges, said Nancy Bialek, spokeswoman for the school district.

The school district said it was aware of the incident and is cooperating with authorities.

The students have been identified as:Kerry P. Brown, 19, of Middletown; Juana L. Cramer, 19; and Melissa D. Koehler, 19.

They were in a different grade at different times, police did not identify them.

Koehler has been suspended from school for six days and Brown has been placed on administrative leave.

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