• June 20, 2021

How to get your family to stay together

A new study has found that families with young children are happier when they are in close contact with each other, whether they are attending church or not.

The research, led by a professor at the University of Queensland, found that people with a family member who attends church or goes to church with their partner are more likely to be satisfied with their relationship.

The researchers found that if a child was present at a church or synagogue, it was more likely that people would be more satisfied with the relationship.

“The key finding of the study was that when families are in touch with each others family members, people are more satisfied,” said Professor David McKeown.

“This is true whether the family member is a church member or not.”

“So it’s not just about church attendance.

It’s about having a family of friends who are like that.”

Professor McKeoff said the findings showed that it was possible for religious organisations and communities to build a community of connected people.

“Our research shows that communities can be made to function well by sharing their values and the values of their congregations,” he said.

“And so the fact that there’s this sort of relationship, the way that they share their values, the ways that they celebrate holidays together, they become very important in terms of how well that community is functioning.”

Dr Michael O’Sullivan, an associate professor of family studies at the Queensland University of Technology, said the study demonstrated the power of shared values.

“What’s interesting is that, when we have this type of community, we see that the wellbeing of families is very good,” he told ABC Radio Brisbane.

The study, conducted with the Australian Research Council, found it was “very important” that families in a religious context were able to have the type of relationships that they enjoyed. “

So the idea of going to church is a very positive experience for the family.”

The study, conducted with the Australian Research Council, found it was “very important” that families in a religious context were able to have the type of relationships that they enjoyed.

“Religious institutions have to be willing to provide opportunities to people to connect with other people who are very religious, and who share these values,” Dr O’Sullivans research associate, David Schreiber, said.

The study looked at the relationship between a person and their family members.

“They have to feel that they’re connected to each other and to the family,” Professor McSweeney said.

Dr McSkell said it was important to understand that while religion was often linked to shared values, there was a range of different factors that went into how it was practised.

“We have this idea that the church is the centre of the world, the most powerful institution, and that’s not always the case,” he added.

“I think that the idea that you have a church is an oxymoron.”

Professor Schreibur said the research showed that the best way to build good relationships with your family members was through a community that fostered a sense of community.

“If you want your family group to live together, it’s important that you can share these beliefs and values,” he explained.

“There are some important things that are shared that people do not necessarily share, so it’s really important to be able to share these things.”

Professor O’Shea said the more people who were connected, the better the relationship would be.

“When you have these families that are very connected, then you see that things become a lot more harmonious,” he advised.

“A lot of families that were very isolated in the past may have now been able to be more connected to the community.”

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